On Target

Searching for the best software talent in EMEA? Looking for your next role? Get in touch, CV to hire Ratio over 6 years has been maintained at 3:1, this comes from selecting great partners with a superb technology focus and strong cultural behaviors applied, while having unapparelled networks & insights and references from many years within the industries being supplied.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple, focused, and let me get you where you want with minimal stress, streamline the hiring process, clear advice on critical needs, wants from sources to hire, and aftercare.

Selecting right fit

Many needs, wants, potentials, and variations exist to find the right fit, let me worry about that and you focus on the long term. For many years we have used multiple partners for screening, assessment, and task testing, while personally having conducted 1000s of interviews for commercial and customer-facing roles. 
Candidate referencing included